Grade Using a Rubric

When to Use?

After you create a rubric and associate it with an assessment or discussion, you can use it for grading. Follow the instructions below or view the video for more information.


  • From your gradebook, select the assessment you want to grade.
  • On the Submissions page, select a student name to access the submission.
  • On the student's submission page, the grade pill displays a rubric icon. Select the grade pill to open the rubric in a panel next to the student's work.
  • As you select an achievement level, the rubric's grade pill updates, the criterion collapses, and the next criterion expands.
  • The rubric score saves automatically as you make selections. Select the X to close the rubric panel. The grade you assign with the rubric appears on the student's submission page and in the gradebook.
  • On the student's submission page, select the feedback icon to open the Add Feedback panel and type feedback for the student.
  • When you're ready for the student to view the grade, select the More options icon and then select Post.

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