Blackboard Mobile App

When to Use?

This article provides an overview of the Blackboard mobile application for students and instructors.


Note: If you used the Blackboard app before August 8, 2022, you MUST delete and reinstall it. 

What's New?

There is now an option to organize the landing pages of the app. The filters have been added to courses, organizations, and grades. Below is an example of the new feature.


In the past, Blackboard had two separate mobile applications for Students and Instructors. With this release, they are consolidating to a single app for both instructors and students. The user experience will change based on the user's role within a course.


To learn more about how Instructors can use the new Blackboard App, view this page: Blackboard Instructor Help for App

Within the app, instructors will be able to:

• Manage course content and assessments
• Get alerts on submissions ready for grading
• Grade assignments
• Send course announcements
• Create discussion boards threads and reply to comments

To download the app, click one of the links below:

Note: As of September 30, 2022, support for the separate Blackboard Instructor App has ended and Instructors must use the new unified app.


To learn more about how students can use the new Blackboard App, please visit The Blackboard App for Students page.

Within the app, students will be able to:

• View updates to courses and content
• Get notifications on course events and changes
• Take assignments and tests
• View grades for courses, assignments, and tests

To download the app, click one of the links below:

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