Articles describing how to create accessible content in eLearning Technologies.

Articles (8)

Accessibility in Digital Learning Quick Guide

This article provides quick information on creating accessible content.

Accessibility Report in Blackboard Ultra

This article explains how to run the accessibility report in a Blackboard Ultra course.

Ally File Transformer

This article discusses the Ally File Transformer website and how it works to aid students in utilizing alternative file formats.

Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally is used to improve the accessibility of your course.

Creating Accessible PDFs from Word Documents

This article discusses how to create accessible PDF files from Word documents.

Creating Accessible Presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint

This article includes basic steps for applying core accessibility principles to PowerPoint documents.

Instructor - How to Edit or Delete Captions in Panopto

In this article, learn how to edit or delete captions in the Panopto editor.

Microsoft Word 365 Accessibility

This article explains how to check accessibility using Microsoft Word 365.