Blackboard Ally

When to Use?

Blackboard Ally is used to improve the accessibility of your course.


What is Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally measures the accessibility of a course. It provides tips on making the course content more accessible. To help you make content more accessible, Ally provides:

  • Feedback on the accessibility of the course content
  • Step-by-step instructions to improve course content
  • Automatically creates alternative versions of files

Accessible content can help all students learn better. By using Ally, it’s possible for students to choose the type of file that best fits their needs.  

Ally Supports Diversity, Equity & Inclusive Education

Ally was adopted at Grand Valley State University to:

  • Show the importance of accessibility
  • Increase compliance with ADA
  • Help faculty create high-quality content
  • Give more insights at the institutional level

Since adopting Blackboard Ally, the overall accessibility score on the GVSU dashboard shows an increase of 16 percentage points.

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