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This article provides an overview of the Blackboard mobile application for students and instructors.
Should an instructor choose to do so, they and their students can participate in class conversations for individual content items. These conversations are useful to share extra resources and ask questions that others might have.
This article will walk students through how to utilize a Padlet board that has been given to them by their instructor
Procedure related to Faculty (FACWEB) & Student (WWW2) webpages.
This article lists the required steps to enrolled in a multi-factor authentication (MFA) once MFA has been enabled for a student account.
This article will walk you through how to take an assessment (i.e. test or assignment) that has Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor enabled.
This article explains how to set accommodations for individual students from the roster. The accommodations set here apply to the student throughout the course.
This article provides information on how to find the Blackboard Ultra Online/Hybrid Orientation for Students. This self-paced orientation is available for all Students, and they will be auto-enrolled into the orientation course site.
This article explains how students can edit their profiles in Blackboard Ultra.
This article explains where students need to go on campus to take a Respondus Lockdown exam if issues arise on their personal devices.
Hypothesis is a tool that lets you annotate readings with rich-text features, view annotations added by your instructor, and respond to other classmates' annotations. This guide will teach you how to use Hypothesis.
This article explains how to review assignment feedback in Blackboard Ultra.
This article explains how to use the calendar in Blackboard Ultra.
This article demonstrates how to complete tests in Blackboard Ultra.
Troubleshooting steps for reconnecting to GV-Student WiFi on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.