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This article will walk students through the steps of submitting a Panopto Video Assignment in a Blackboard Ultra course.
This article explains how to set accommodations for individual students from the roster. The accommodations set here apply to the student throughout the course.
Housing assignment information for upperclassman.
If you are a student needing to post a Panopto video for peer review/feedback, you will need to do this through a discussion board. This article will walk you through the steps of navigating to the discussion board, recording, and posting your video.
This procedure outlines the process IT (Information Technology) staff will follow when communicating with the GVSU (Grand Valley State University) community regarding ticket-related matters. The procedure ensures that the defined IT service commitment goals are met. It further provides guidelines for effective communication.
This article will walk you through creating an assignment in Bb Ultra Course View.
This article explains how to review assignment feedback in Blackboard Ultra.
This Knowledge Base article explains how to grade and provide feedback on student work that is not submitted electronically.