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When to Use (or Why)?

Using the Duo mobile app is the easiest and most secure way to use Multifactor Authentication (MFA).  While some may be hesitant to install the app on their personnel phones here are some benefits to installing the app.

  • Ease of use, low footprint on device
  • Most secure option
  • Does not give GVSU access to your device or its contents


  • You can use a land line phone number
  • You can use SMS Text on any cell phone regardless of rather you have the app installed 
  • What to do if you don’t own a cell phone or mobile device
    • You can use a land line phone number
    • Speak to your supervisor and submit request for alternative device
      • Duo tokens, which are small plastic devices that can generate a passcode to use with Duo, are available for order via Duo Hardware Token Order Form.  These only last about two years and there will be a $40 charge issued to your department for each key requested. 
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