Connecting a New Phone to Duo Mobile

When to Use?

Follow these instructions to connect a new phone to Duo Mobile


These instructions are for faculty/staff only and assume that you already have Duo multi-factor authentication activated on your GVSU account.

If you do not have Duo set up on your GVSU account, please visit for more details.

this is how Duo Mobile appears in both Android and Apple application stores1.  Download and install the Duo Mobile app on your device.

2a. If you are ON campus, proceed to Step #3.

2b.  If you are OFF campus you’ll need to connect to the VPN via Pulse Secure.*

  • When prompted by Pulse Secure for your Secondary Password, enter SMS and hit enter. Pulse Secure will display an error message (which you can ignore) and you'll receive a text message from Duo with a code.
  • Enter the text message’s verification code as your Secondary Password and the VPN should connect within a few seconds.

*If you are off campus AND your phone number has changed, this will not work. Please contact the IT Service Desk at (616) 331-2101 or to update your DUO Security contact info.

3. Navigate to and sign in with your GVSU credentials.

4. Click the “Request Access” button under “DUO Multi-Factor Authentication for VPN”, as shown here:

5. Select your phone’s platform and make sure the phone number is correct, then click “Submit”. This will send a text message to your new phone.

in the user dashboard click the Request Access button under Duo Multifactor Authentication

6. Tap on the link in the text message to open it with the Duo Mobile app. This will connect the app to the GVSU authentication system and you’ll be all set.

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