Creating Quizzes in Panopto Videos

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When to Use?

This article will walk you through creating a quiz that is embedded within your Panopto video.

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1. Sign in to Panopto ( using your GVSU LMS credentials.

2. Navigate to the Panopto video to which you would like to add the quiz and click on Edit.

Edit Panopto Video

3. On the video timeline, click on the point in the video where you would like to insert the quiz. The red vertical line will indicate where the quiz will be added in the video.

  • NOTE: It may be best to put all your questions near the end as a formative assessment of the content given to your students throughout the video.

4. Once you have selected where you would like the quiz, click on Quizzes then Add A Quiz.

Add Quiz to Video

5. A quiz window will appear in your secondary stream window where you provide details for the quiz.

Edit Quiz

6. Within the quiz window, you can choose from four (4) different question types: True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, and Fill In The Blank.

  • NOTE: The default question type is Multiple Choice

7. Once you have selected your question type, write your question and answers in the appropriate boxes.

  • NOTE: If you would like to add more answer options, click on Add Answer. To select the correct answer, select the button next to the correct answer. To add more questions to the quiz, click on the Add Questions button.

8. After you have added all of your questions, click on the Done button in the bottom right-hand corner

9. You will be redirected to the Options page for the Quiz.

Quiz Options

On this page, you can:

  • Allow viewers to retake the Quiz. Please note: When this is enabled, Panopto can only retain a user's most recent score.
  • Show grade after taking this quiz (If this is enabled you can also allow a review of correct answers and explanations)
  • Allow review of correct answers and explanations
  • Block advancing in the video until answering this quiz. Please note: This applies to viewers who have not yet completed the quiz. Once the quiz is completed, the viewer has the option to continue watching.
  • Delete questions by clicking the Xs
  • Reorganize the questions by using the arrows.

NOTE: You will also want to check to ensure that the video appears at the point in the video that you intended.

10. Once you are finished, click on the Finish button to save your changes and then click on Apply in the top right-hand corner.

11. Your Panopto video with a quiz is now ready!


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