Reduce Course Quota by Moving Videos/mp4s to Panopto

When to Use?

Blackboard is not the place for videos/MP4s as they take up much of your courses size quota. If your course is running low on space but the items in the course's Content Collection are needed and in use, we suggest moving the videos/MP4s to Panopto. Panopto is the video streaming service GVSU has for audio/video content.


  1. To begin, Upload a Video to Panopto
  2. Remove the content item that had an old video file attached
  • Navigate to the content area/item that this original video file attached
  • With the original file deleted, you will be unable to play the recording when looking at the content area/item:
  • Invalid File
  • You can delete this item by clicking on the drop-down button next to the title and selecting Delete
  1. Use Embed Panopto video to course to add the video from Panopto to your course site.S
  2. Submit an eLearning Technologies General Question or Issue request for help that you have video files in your course content that can be deleted.  They will do this for.
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