Surveys in Ultra Course View

When to Use?

Surveys are not yet available in Ultra Course View but are planned for future development in early 2024. Alternatives are noted below.


Google Forms: Google Forms is a free and user-friendly tool for creating surveys and questionnaires. You can create a form, share it with your students, and collect responses anonymously. Google Forms allows you to export the results to analyze the data. If you don’t have a faculty Google account, see this resource for requesting a GVSU Google account

Microsoft Forms: Like Google Forms, Microsoft Forms is a free tool with our GVSU Microsoft license for creating surveys and quizzes. You can create anonymous forms, share them with students, and export the data for analysis.

Qualtrics: Qualtrics is a comprehensive survey and research platform that allows for complex survey design, data analysis, and reporting. GVSU has a Qualtrics license available to faculty, staff, and students for creating surveys and collecting data. See this resource for logging into Qualtrics. See this resource for accessing Qualtrics support materials.

Paper Surveys: While not digital, paper surveys can still be effective if you teach in person. You can distribute printed surveys to your students and collect them physically.

Sample Midterm Surveys:  The Faculty Teaching & Learning Center has compiled sample questionnaires that can be modified for your survey needs.

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