Access Qualtrics Support Portal

When to Use (or Why)?

As of August 19, 2020, Qualtrics users seeking phone support will need to log in to the Qualtrics Support Portal in order to connect with Qualtrics Support. This is an important security update that continues to ensure privacy for user accounts. Email and chat support have already required authentication as of May 13, 2019, and Qualtrics is now doing the same for phone support.


1. Go to the Qualtrics Support Center.

2. On the Support log in page, choose “Sign in with SSO.”

Sign in with SSO

3. Enter “gvsu.” Use all lowercase letters for the Organization ID, and click “Continue.”

Organization ID: gvsu

4. Login with your GVSU network ID and password.

5. Continue to follow the prompts from Qualtrics to describe your support request.

For more information, please see: GVSU Qualtrics Survey Software.

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