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DocuSign Benefits

DocuSign is an eSignature platform that provides the ability to create, upload, and send documents for others to sign from anywhere with an internet connection quickly and securely. Users can send reminders, check document status, and facilitate approvals. With DocuSign, the entire agreement process is automated and digitalized in a secure, electronic format, saving you time, money, and mistakes. 

DocuSign Benefits

GVSU Benefits

  • Provides a location for approvers to act on university-wide forms that require an eSignature
  • Customizes workflows for specific units or accounts 
  • Provides a common record of approvals 
  • Provides electronic workflows for applications that generate web-based forms 
  • Allows users and administrators to run, customize, schedule, download, and print reports for accounts
  • Supports Single Sign-On using your GVSU credentials (ID and password) 

Support Resources at

DocuSign provides many support resources that allow you to resolve your questions or issues yourself or open a case if you need assistance.

For Training Videos and Tutorials: Go to the DocuSign Training Materials Knowledge Base article for more information.

DocuSign Support:
You can open a case by phone email or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
For self-service support use the search feature or click on the eSignature button and search for documentation, articles, discussions, and videos managed by DocuSign. 

Signature Resources

Other Resources

GVSU Adoption and Steering Committee

To continue the adoption, development, and use of DocuSign, utilization will be driven in collaboration with university divisions and the Steering Committee.  

Steering Committee Responsibilities 

The committee's role is to provide advice, direction, and decisions to ensure GVSU is benefiting from all DocuSign has to offer. Their oversight will help achieve adoption to improve efficiency and streamline workflows as divisions develop more and more use cases 

  • Inform others in their division about DocuSign needs, status, and any decisions made 
  • Evaluate, prioritize, and make decisions regarding the development of use cases in their area 
  • Manage and coordinate training and support needs for all divisions to drive success 
  • Monitor and review reporting to provide guidance and feedback to make informed decisions regarding DocuSign activity and the number of envelopes used during the contract timeframe 

Steering Committee Representatives

Chair - Emil Delgado, Associate Vice President for Information Technology

Division Steering Committee Representatives
Academic Affairs Michelle McCloud and Dana Lewis
Enrollment Development & Educational Outreach Pam Wells and Michelle Rhodes
Finance & Administration Karen Ingle and Rence Meredith
Inclusion Equity Kathleen VanderVeen
Information Technology Emil Delgado, Tagny Diake, and Nick Nelson
Legal, Compliance & Risk Management / President's Office Sara Pokorski
Student Affairs Andy Beachnau and Robin Burris
University Development Dan Hurwitz and Katelyn Semelbauer
University Relations Jennifer Allard


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