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DocuSign Training Purpose

DocuSign training is designed to educate DocuSign Senders and Signers about how to send an envelope for signature, sign and complete an envelope, and create and use templates. You will gain an understanding of the signing, sending, and workflow processes.

For Support Resources

Check out the DocuSign Support Resources Knowledge Base article for more information.

Video and Tutorials

Get started with these helpful training videos from DocuSign. These courses should be viewed in order as they build on the previous training.

Training 1: DocuSign 101 Session Recording (1.5 hours)

Higher Education - DocuSign 101 Presentation.pdf

  • DocuSign terminology (envelopes, templates, power forms, tags, signing ceremony) 
  • Envelope creation (tags, recipients, authentication methods, email message/subject) 
  • Signing ceremony (show signers' perspective) 
  • Envelope management (history, certificate, correction) 
  • Adopting signatures 
  • Manage email notifications 

Training 2: Template Creation 101 Session Recording (2 hours)

Higher Education - DocuSign Templates 101 Presentation.pdf

  • What is a template? 
  • Template roles 
  • Tagging palette 
  • Custom fields 
  • Envelope custom fields – why they’re used 
  • Replacing template documents 
  • Template matching 
  • Template cloning 
  • Template sharing 

Training 3: PowerForm 101 Session Recording (1.5 hours)

Higher Education - DocuSign PowerForm 101 Presentation.pdf 

  • What is a PowerForm?
  • Demonstrations 
  • How to create a PowerForm 
  • How to manage/change the "Sender" for the envelopes created via a PowerForm 
  • Shared folders to access PowerForm envelopes for a particular Sender 
  • Admin permissions for PowerForms, and how to access PowerForm data if no shared folders are setup 
  • PowerForm email validation (security), and other usage limitation settings 
  • Web-form: how to take data from your web-form and push that data into DocuSign Fields, as well as how to bypass our PowerForm name+email landing page
  • Web-form: how to push Envelope Custom Field Meta-data into a PowerForm-generated envelope
  • Best practices for Recipient roles, and how to make certain Template workflow recipients Required vs. Optional on the PowerForm landing page 

Training 4: Admin 101 Session Recording (3.5 hours)

Higher Education - DocuSign Admin 101 Presentation_Nov_22LV.pdf

DS Sample Default Legal Disclosure – A "built-in" version of the Legal Disclosure and helpful information on how to configure or edit the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure (ERSD).  

  • Security settings 
  • Overview of branding (logos/colors) 
  • User management 
  • Permission profiles for users 
  • User groups 
  • Signing groups 
  • Signing settings 
  • Sending settings 
  • Email Preferences 
  • Document custom fields -vs. Envelope custom fields 
  • Legal Disclosure
  • Reminders & Expiration 
  • Integrations – brief description 
  • Audit logs 

Training 5: Templates 201 - Advanced Recipient Workflow Session Recording (2 hours)

Higher Education - DocuSign Templates 201 Presentation.pdf

  • Set Up and Use Signing Groups
  • Send with Advanced Recipient Actions
  • Send Using Conditional Routing
  • Configure and Use Bulk Send

Training 6: Templates 301 - Advanced Features Session Recording (2 hours)

Higher Education - DocuSign Templates 301 Presentation.pdf

  • Use Collaborative Fields and Document Markup
  • Send Using Document Visibility
  • Send Supplemental Documents  
  • Set Up and Use AutoPlace Fields
  • Use PDF Fillable Form Fields

Train the Trainer Model

The Purpose of the Train the Trainer Model is to simply train trainers to deliver training materials to other employees in their area. To prepare them to present information effectively, respond to Trainees' questions, and lead activities that reinforce how to use DocuSign. 

GVSU DocuSign "Trainers" are those who participated in the DocuSign Pilot Group or have been trained and are able to train others. Trainers have either been through training or watched the training videos and are using DocuSign. These trainers should be able to guide others in their area on how to use DocuSign for their department and division's needs. If there is not a Trainer in your department check within your division.


Identify the Trainer(s) in your department or division and the Trainee(s) who need to go through training.

  1. The Trainer should meet with the Trainee and provide a Training Plan (see below)
  2. Have the Trainee submit a ticket to request access to the demo account to provide them with the testing environment to practice in.
  3. Have the Trainees watch the training videos in order and review the materials provided below.
    1. DocuSign highly recommends everyone should watch the first four foundational videos and suggests watching the two advanced videos for knowledge and understanding of how DocuSign can be used. For those who will be creating a lot of templates, it is recommended to watch all videos.
    2. If a Trainee will only be a Viewer (only views documents and does not need to manage or send them) it is still recommended to watch the first four videos. At the very least the first two.
  4. After watching the first video the Trainee can begin practicing in the demo environment. It is highly recommended to practice while going through the training videos.
  5. SUPPORT RESOURCES: Share the GVSU DocuSign Support Resources Knowledge Base article and with the Trainee. These will provide additional resources to help answer questions. 


Consider providing the Trainee(s) with an Action Plan and include the following elements:

  • Include goals, schedule, due dates, meetings, etc.
  • Schedule time for the Trainee to watch the training videos
  • Schedule time for the Trainee to practice in the demo account
  • Schedule time for feedback and Q&A with the Trainer
  • Give the Trainee(s) homework to practice in the demo account
  • Schedule work sessions with the Trainer to show examples of how DocuSign is used within the department and/or division
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