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A short guide to assist students with accessing CodeBlocks.
Using the Terminal or PuTTY on Windows, students in CIS333, 353, 360, 501, 660, 661, 673, 676, or 679 can use this guide to connect to the CIS Oracle Database.
Learn about using RStudio Server: how to log in, uploading/downloading files, and receiving support.
If you're experiencing errors while trying to connect to STRATUS, you can compare them to the ones in this guide to find solutions.
How to connect to STRATUS from a Windows or macOS device.
Has it been a while since you connected to the School of Computing Linux Labs, or are you the mark in a man-in-the-middle attack? This guide can help.
Transferring files between the RStudio Server and your local computer can be done within your web browser.
Use the extended copy and paste menu to get around formatting errors that may occur when copying test to your remote session.
Find out all of the changes to services supported by the HPC Support Team and in the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing.
How to connect your personal device to the displays in DCIH505, and/or troubleshooting a seemingly unresponsive lab station.
How to find your old W-Drive files in the "new" STRATUS
An overview of the multiple ways to connect to the School of Computing Linux Labs