CodeBlocks Lab and Winlab User Guide


CodeBlocks is a free and open-source integrated development environment (IDE). GVSU utilizes CodeBlocks for the College of Engineering. As such, support for the software was established. 

Opening CodeBlocks

CodeBlocks exists in 3 primary locations:

  • Physical Labs
    • Kennedy (all labs)
    • Keller (all labs)
    • Innovation Design Center (all labs)
  • WinLab

The process to open the program properly differs depending on the system you are using.

Opening CodeBlocks in a Physical Lab

If a user is in a EGR physical lab location, they may log in, and find the “Lab Applications” folder which should be on the desktop after login. From there, users will open the “Engineering” folder, where the shortcut for CodeBlocks exists. The user will then double click that shortcut to open CodeBlocks.


Users may access CodeBlocks via WinLab the same way as a physical lab. WinLab emulates a Physical lab so a user can continue working outside of a classroom lab. More on accessing WinLab here.


More Information and Support

For information about CodeBlocks or Support, please reach out

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