Uploading and Downloading Files in RStudio Server

When to Use?

Transferring files between the RStudio Server and your local computer can be done within your web browser.

We recommend using Firefox or GoogleChrome to upload files to RStudio Server.


Uploading Files

  1. Within the RStudio Server, use the Files tab in the lower right and open the desired destination folder for your file upload.
    RStudio Server main window with the Files section highlighted

    If needed, use the New Folder button to create a folder.

  2. Click Upload. You will be prompted to with a menu to confirm or change your upload location, and select your local file to upload.
    RStudio Server's file upload menu

    To select your local file, under “File to upload” click Browse.

    If you want to upload an entire folder, compress it to a zip file first, then upload. RStudio
    server will automatically unzip it into a folder in the current location.

  3. With your local file selected, click OK to begin the upload.

  4. Your file will now appear in the destination you selected in Step 1.

Downloading Files

  1. In the Files tab, select/check the file or folder you wish to download.

  2. In the Files tab choose More > Export.
    RStudio Server main window with the Files section highlighted, showing the More menu with Export option selected

  3. You will be prompted for the option to rename your file.
    RStudio Server prompting to rename a file ready for download

  4. Click Download. The file will appear in your default downloads location.

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