Adding a Zoom Office Hours Link in Your Course or Organization

When to Use?

You can schedule your Zoom office hours in your Blackboard Ultra course in the Details & Actions menu by selecting the “Books & Tools” page.


1. Navigate to your Blackboard Ultra course.

2. In the details & Actions menu select “Books & Tools”.

Details & Actions menu in an Ultra Course highlighting the Bools & Tools menu option.


3. In the “Books & Course Tools” layer that opens select “Zoom Meeting”.

Zoom meeting tool logo


4. The Zoom Meeting tool will open. This is where you can “Schedule” your course meetings.

Schedule a new meeting button


Once you have scheduled a meeting your students will be able to select the “Books & Tools” page in the Details & Actions menu to access the “Zoom Meeting” tool where they will see your list of meetings for access.

List of your meetings in Zoom.

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