Create a Rubric With Blackboard's Rubric Design Assistant

When to Use?

Blackboard’s Rubric Design Assistant can quickly and efficiently create a rubric based on an assignment’s description, saving an instructor significant time and effort in the design process.


In your course, open or create an assignment, click the settings icon to open the settings panel and then scroll down to the Additional Tools section.

  1. Select Add grading rubric and then click the Generate button.

Generate a rubric page.

  1. In the description field enter your grading criteria.

NOTE: If your assignment already contains a description with grading criteria, the Rubric Design Assistant will use that information to create the rubric. The generator works best if you use clearly defined parameters, expectations, and grading guidelines. If the assignment is vague, the rubric will also be vague.

  1. Select the rubric type: percentage, percentage range, points, or point range.
  2. Adjust the complexity of the rubric and define the number of columns and rows.
  3. After finalizing your settings, select the Generate button.
  4. Review each cell of the rubric for accuracy. You can generate a new rubric by modifying the description or any of the sliders and clicking Generate again.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the rubric click the Continue button to make any final edits before saving.

Finalize your rubric page.

  1. Click the Save button to save the rubric to your course.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you should manually edit the rubric to fine-tune its criteria and descriptors to align more precisely with your course content, student level and assessment goals.

Watch a video about using the Rubric Design Assistant.

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