School of Computing Linux Labs


The School of Computing (CIS) has a unique set of computer labs with Linux operating systems installed to meet the needs of Computer Science majors. 


The CIS Linux Labs are available to any School of Computing Faculty/Staff, and any student enrolled in a CIS course in the current semester.

How to Access and Use

Remote access to the CIS Linux Labs is available on the CIS Virtual Labs page. As of the Fall 2021 semester, students enrolled in a CIS course will be able to log into these labs (whether physical or virtual) with their GVSU username and password.

The labs can be accessed physically in Mackinac Hall: A-1-101, A-1-105, and A-1-167.


For physical access, the CIS Linux labs require a key card access granted from the School of Computing. There is a $25 deposit required to acquire a card, that is charged to the students account.

For more information, see the School of Computing's Key Cards page.

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