Applications & Software

Find info on GVSU supported software including Office 365, Zoom, Adobe, & SPSS

Services (24)


Subscription requests, access/licensing issues, installation issues or how-to questions.


Request new or modify existing argos reports.


Request new Automic jobs, modify existing or request the run of an existing job.

Coursedog Updates

To request system updates only, please submit them here.

If you have any questions about Coursedog functionality you may either contact the Registrar's Office or submit a Coursedog help ticket within the Coursedog system.


Request help with or installation of Event Management Service (EMS)


Report desktop, mobile or web client gmail issues, pop/imap issues or new Fac/Staff account request.


Request help with the housing system.

Microsoft Teams

Request a new Team, report desktop or web client issues or ask general how-to questions.


Millennium access issues, or ask general how to questions.

Office Applications

Office 365, One Drive or Microsoft Office Suite questions and issues.


Request new or modify current forms, workflows, access or requests.

Outlook/Exchange/Microsoft 365

Report an issue involving Outlook/Exchange for desktop, web, mobile client, spam/junk mail. Also request new or modify distribution lists and request new email only accounts.


Request help with Panopto capture and editor.

Pulse Secure

Report a desktop or mobile client issue


Request add-on access, increase email limits, transfer surveys or trouble login issues.

RStudio Server

Accessed through a web browser, RStudio Server and integrated development environment the R programing language. R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.


Installation requests/issues or report errors while using SAS or general how-to questions.

School of Computing Linux Labs (formerly "EOS Labs")

The School of Computing (CIS) has a unique set of physical and virtual computer labs with Linux operating systems installed to meet the needs of CIS students, and those enrolled in CIS courses.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration Requests

Request new Single Sign-On (SSO) application integration.

Software Installation

Request software installation on GVSU owned Windows or Macintosh computers.


Request SPSS license codes, installation or report a problem with SPSS.

STRATUS (Remote Desktop Environment)

STRATUS is a remote desktop environment used for classroom environments (predominantly in the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing) and for university research.


Report an issue involving TeamDynamix Data such as Assets, Locations, Services, Knowledge.  
Request training or consultation on design aspects of TeamDynamix for departmental Ticketing applications.


Report error or security issues with Zoom or ask general how-to questions.