Using Question Banks for Creating a Test with Random Blocks

When to Use?

You can create a test that utilizes random blocks built from question banks. Follow the instructions below to learn more.


1. Navigate to your course and open the content area where you would like to deploy the test.

2. Click the add content icon and select “Create”.

Create content option for adding content to a Blackboard Ultra course


3. In the Create Item panel scroll to the “Assessment” section and select “Test”.

Test and Assignment options from the Assessment section of the create content menu.


4. On the “Content and Settings” page click the add content icon and select “Add question pool”.

Create content settings where add question pool option is selected.

5. Select a “Question Bank”.
Listed question banks where a selection is made to choose which will be used to create a random block.


6. Click the “Select All” option to include all of the Pool’s/Question Bank’s questions. 
Select all and clear all options in the question pool settings


7. Click the “Add Questions” button.
Cancel and Add Questions buttons


8. On the Test Content page enter a point value to be used for each question and edit the number of questions to display to students. Click the “Save” button. 
Question pool settings showing text box where the number of questions drawn will be entered. Point values can also be set per question from this setting.


9. A random set of questions will then be selected and displayed for each student when they take the test.
Test settings showing a pool will select a set number of questions from it.


10. Complete any remaining settings that are required for your test.

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