Adding a Web Link

When to Use?

In the Content area of the course, you can easily add web links to external sources.


Point your mouse on the line in content area of Ultra where you would like to add a web link. Click on the Plus sign.

Plus sign to click on in order to open the content menu.

Choose the Create option from the menu that appears.

Content menu showing the options including Create, Copy Content, Upload, Content Market, and Content Collection.

The Create Item layer opens. Click on Link.

Create Item layer showing course content item options: learning module, folder, document, link, teach tools with LTI connection, and SCORM package.

  1. The New Link layer opens. Add a name for the link (where New Link 5/31/22 is shown in image below).

New link layer for adding web links to course content. Add a link name, make it visible to students, add the URL, add a description, and Save.

  1. The default setting is to hide the link from students. Change the setting to make it visible to students.
  2. Add the URL.
    1. Click on the globe icon in the URL textbox to test the link before saving.

Globe icon in the URL textbox for testing the accuracy of the URL.

  1. Add a description, if desired.
  2. Click Save.
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