Viewing or Hiding the Roster in Blackboard Ultra

When to Use?

Use the Roster link on the Course Content page to view your class list, connect with your students, and match faces to names. You can send messages to anyone involved with your course.

Instructors can also hide the roster from students.


Viewing the Roster

Users can upload a picture of themselves on their Profile pages. If they don't add pictures, a generic silhouette appears in the roster. Users' profile pictures also appear in the gradebook, groups, discussions, conversations, and messages next to their activity. Your profile picture also appears on the Course Content page.

Select a name to view more information. Everyone controls who can access this information in their profile privacy settings.

List of students enrolled in the course, which is accessed from the Roster link in Details & Actions menu.

Change your view. You can choose grid view or list view. The roster remains in the selected view until you change it, even if you log out.

  • Grid view is sorted automatically by role and then by last name. Roles appear in this order: instructors, teaching assistants, graders, course builders, and students. To manually sort the list, switch to list view.
  • List view is sorted by last name by default. Select the Name or Role headings to sort the contents.

Filter your view. You can view the roster by roles, such as instructors or support faculty. The filter options are based on the roles found in your course. You can also filter by Students with accommodations. Students with accommodations appear with an icon next to their names.

Connect from profile cards. Select profile pictures to see basic profile cards and send messages. If more than one student has the same name, names are ordered by student IDs. The profile cards display usernames if allowed by your institution.

Search the list. In grid or list view, select the Search Roster icon. In the search box, type a name, username, or at least two letters to reveal matches. Any filters previously selected are cleared when you perform a new search.

Search box in the roster to search for specific students.


Hiding the Roster

1. Click on the Course Settings icon in the upper right-hand side of the page in your course.

Course settings icon in Blackboard Ultra

2. The default setting is for the roster to be viewable to students. 

Class roster toggled on in Course Settings

To hide the roster from students, slide the green check mark to the right.

Class Roster toggled off in Course Settings noted by the x instead of a checkmark.

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