Gradebook Overview

When to Use?

How can I see what needs to be graded when accessing my courses in the Ultra Course View?


  1. In the list where your name appears, you have access to all your courses' grading tasks on the global Grades page.
  2. Inside your course, you can access the course Gradebook from the navigation bar.
  3. Select the Gradebook icon to access all the coursework that is specific to the course.
  4. From the Student tab, search for or select a specific student to view all their coursework.
  5. Or from the Gradable Items tab, select an item to begin reviewing submissions.
  6. Select a student’s name to open the submission.
  7. If the student uploaded files, you can download the files or you can annotate and grade the files directly within the browser.
  8. Enter a grade for the submission, and provide feedback as needed and then move directly to the next submission.

Learn more about the Gradebook and grading tasks on Blackboard's Help site.

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