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When to Use?

You can create tests alongside the other content students need as they prepare. Follow the instructions below or watch the video to learn more.


Duplicate questions in Assessments, Forms, and Question Banks

Likert answer options expanded to include 4 and 6



  1. On the Course Content page, select the plus sign wherever you want to add a test.
  2. Select Create, and under the Assessment section, select Test.
  3. On the new test page, provide a title and begin building your test.
  4. To add questions, select the plus sign, and select a question type.
  5. You can also add files and text, such as instructions for the test.
  6. Next, apply test settings. Select the Test Settings icon to open the panel where you provide the test's details and information.
  7. You can provide a due date, randomize the questions, set your grading options, add a time limit, add a grading rubric, align with goals, and assign to groups.
  8. When you are finished with your settings, select Save.
  9. Set the availability of the test. Students won’t see a test until you choose to show it.

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Duplicate questions in Assessments, Forms, and Question Banks 

Sometimes an instructor may want to have a question repeated with the same answer options but a different question. Instructors can now select Duplicate to quickly copy an existing question within the same assessment (test, assignment, form) or in a question bank. This feature eliminates the need for manual duplication and simplifies the process of creating multiple questions with the same answer options.

Duplicate option for a test question in Blackboard Ultra


Likert answer options expanded to include 4 and 6

Instructors can now create Likert scale questions with 4 or 6 answer options. This allows for greater granularity in student responses. An even number of answer options also supports the creation of questions where students cannot select a neutral option. This enhancement is in response to valuable user feedback.

Likert question format options in Blackboard Ultra


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