Rubrics: How to Create, Edit and Use

When to Use?

You can create rubrics to use as a scoring tool when evaluating graded work. Review the instructions or watch the video below to learn more.


  • You can start the process of creating a rubric from the gradebook, or when creating an assessment.
  • In your gradebook, select the Settings icon. Then, in the Gradebook Settings panel, select Create New Rubric in the Course Rubrics section.
  • When creating an assessment, you will need to create your rubric before you add questions to the assessment.
  • On the assignment, test, or discussion page, select the Settings icon to open the Settings panel.
  • In the Additional Tools section, select Add grading rubric, and then select Create New Rubric.
  • On the New Rubric page, type a title, and then select a Rubric Type.
  • By default, four criteria rows and four achievement level columns appear. You can add, delete, and rename the rows and columns. Point to a cell to access the edit and delete icons. Select the plus sign wherever you want to add a row or column and type a title. If you don't want a row or column, you can delete it.
  • The criteria total percentage must equal 100%. If the percentages don't equal 100, a warning message appears at the bottom of the screen. Select Balance Criteria next to the message to auto-adjust the percentages so they equal 100. Or you can manually update the percentages as needed.
  • For the levels of achievement, one column must have a value of 100%.
  • You can align goals with rows in the rubric if you want to measure achievement against goals set by your institution. Select Align with goals to get started.
  • When you are finished creating your rubric, select Save.
  • To get started on the assignment or test page, select the Settings icon to open the Settings panel.
  • For discussions, you must first enable grading before you can associate a rubric. And for assignments and tests, you must associate a rubric before adding questions.
  • In the Additional Tools section, select Add grading rubric.
  • You can select view to review the rubric or select the Add icon to associate the rubric with the assessment.
  • When you are finished editing the assessment settings, select Save.

Editing a Rubric

If you see this banner at the top of the page when viewing a rubric, you will not be able to edit it because the rubric has already been used to grade one or more assignments.

Rubric warning with an exclamation point indicating editing the rubric isn't possible because the rubric has already been used to grade an assignment.

To edit a rubric, point your mouse on the part of the rubric you’d like to edit. When you do, a pencil icon appears. Click on the pencil icon to edit that part of the rubric. You can edit any or all parts of the rubric.

Segment of a rubric with a pencil icon shown. Click the pencil to edit the rubric segment.

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