Grading Schema in Gradebook

When to Use?

The calculation schema displays grades as points, letters, or a percentage with the grading schema you choose for each graded item. The schema takes the points scored on an item and compares them to the item's total points possible to derive a percentage. This percentage is mapped to a range of scores and displays a grade, such as a letter. Blackboard Ultra now allows for multiple grading schemas to be added.

NOTE: you can have up to 100 grading schemas in your course.  See Multiple grading schemas



Opening the Grading Schema

  1. From the Gradebook section within your Ultra Course, you can make changes to the default grading schema.
  2. Select the Settings icon to access the Gradebook Settings Panel.
  3. Select the Manage Grade Schema to see the schema(s) for the course (i.e. Letter).

NOTE: If you make changes to the Grading Schema, the changes only apply to the course that you are currently working in.

Renaming the Grading Schema

  1. To rename the grading schema in your course, point to the title to access the edit icon.
    • The name change will appear in the Grade using menu when you create graded times and in existing graded items
    • Note: Schema titles have a 64-character limit


Editing the Grading Schema

  1. Select a value to edit it

  2. Start from the bottom and edit the values for the last grade value. Once completed, move on to the next row

  3. To delete a row, point to the row and the delete icon will appear.

    • NOTE: At least two rows must remain for the schema to be valid, and you cannot delete the last row.

  4. To insert a row, select the plus sign (+) that appears below each row.

  5. Select Save when finished

    • NOTE: You will be unable to leave the panel until you select Save or Cancel

  6. Select the  to return to the Gradebook Settings panel

See also: Grading Schema


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