Setting Up Zoom Meetings in Blackboard

When to Use?

This article will walk you through setting up a Zoom meeting within your Blackboard course for online synchronous meetings and virtual office hours.


Important Note: Be sure to log into your GVSU Zoom account first to ensure that you have GVSU Zoom access enabled. Log in using your GVSU email and password at

There are two ways to add a Zoom meeting link to your course in Blackboard. If you already have a meeting link, and would like to add it as a link in your course, follow the instructions for Adding the Meeting Link in Blackboard - Course Link.

If you have not yet created your course Zoom meeting, or would like to set up a recurring Zoom meeting to use for virtual office hours, follow the instructions for Adding the Meeting Link in Blackboard - Content Market.

Adding the Meeting Link in Blackboard - Content Market

Adding a Zoom meeting using the content market creates a Zoom icon in your course that will take students to all Zoom meetings, where they can join any specific Zoom meeting you’ve created in the course.

1. In the course you want to set Zoom meetings up in, under Course Content, hover your mouse where you want to add the Zoom meetings link. Hover over the gray line to reveal the purple plus menu, then click Content Market.

Content Market option from the purple plus menu.

2. Look for Zoom in the Content Market. Click on the plus sign in the Zoom box. 

Zoom option from the content market. The plus sign to add the link to the content area is highlighted.

3. A link is added to your course content of the Zoom icon. Click the Zoom Icon. 

Course link containing the Zoom icon

4. This will take you to your course Zoom page where you can schedule new Zoom meetings.

5. Click on the “Schedule a New Meeting” button:

Schedule a New Meeting button in Zoom

6. In the schedule meeting settings, enter the meeting name, description (optional), date, time, and duration of the meeting. Then check the “Recurring meeting” box:

Meeting settings for creating a new meeting in Zoom

Recurring meeting options include:

Recurring meeting options in Zoom

7. Click on the appropriate selection for your meeting. Note: if you select No Fixed Time, the meeting will always be available. This is a good solution if you set up Zoom meetings for virtual office hours or if you want to create one course Zoom room for all the course's Zoom meetings.

9. Make any other relevant selection. Click Save.

The meeting will now be available for students when they click the Zoom icon added to your Course Content.

Adding the Meeting Link in Blackboard - Course Link

To share the meeting link in your Blackboard course, you will first need to create a Zoom meeting using the instructions above. Once you have created the Zoom meeting, you will copy the URL and share it within your course.

1. First, click on the name (topic) of the Zoom meeting you created.

List of scheduled meetings from the Upcoming Meetings page in Zoom

2. Right click on the URL for the meeting to copy it to your clipboard.

Zoom meeting URL

3. Now, you can go back into your Blackboard course. Click on the plus sign and then Create. Choose Link to add the URL for your Zoom meeting.

Purple plus sign and menu options available - create, copy content, upload, content market, and content collection.

Create Item layer showing the link option for adding a web or course link to the course content.

4. Once completed, a course link appears in the content area. Students will be directed to the Zoom meeting as soon as they click on the added link.

Default link icon for a course link

Note: You can also share this link by pasting the Zoom meeting link directly within documents or emails.

If you need assistance or have questions, please reach out to your eLearning liaisons. Use the eLearning Liaison search tool to find the liaisons for your department.


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