Managing Email on iPhone and iPad

When to Use?

If you're suddenly unable to access your mail on your iPhone or iPad, or things aren't working quite as expected, you may want to try removing and re-adding your account to your mail app.

These steps will also be helpful if your mailbox has been moved from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft 365 and your email account is not working correctly on your iPhone or iPad.

Removing and Re-adding GVSU Mail Accounts

If you are experiencing problems connecting to your GVSU Outlook email account on your iOS device, the quickest method to resolve any connectivity or syncing issues is to remove and re-add the account.

We have two step by step guides depending on what mail app you prefer to use:

Microsoft Outlook app for iPhone and iPad

  1. Open Outlook
    iPhone homepage with a markup box showing the Outlook app
  2. Tap your first initial in the upper left-hand corner (near Inbox)
    This may also appear as your initials
    Outlook app with overlay box indicating the user's image/initials in the top left corner
  3. Tap the settings gear icon in the bottom left corner
    Outlook app's sidebar menu with the settings gear icon indicated
  4. Tap your mail account
    Outlook app's settings menu with account indicated
  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu and tap Delete Account
    Outlook app's settings with Delete Account indicated
  6. At the confirmation pop-up tap Delete
    Outlook App displaying confirmation to delete the account
  7. If you have no other accounts in your Outlook app, you'll be prompted to add an account.
    Enter your GVSU email address and tap Add Account
    Outlook app prompting to add an account
  8. When prompted, enter your GVSU email password
    GVSU password prompt in Outlook app
  9. The account is now added!

Apple's Mail app on iPhone and iPad

  1. Tap Settings

    iPhone Home Screen
  2. Scroll down to Mail and tap Mail
    iPhone settings home screen with the mail option highlighted
  3. Tap Accounts
    iPhone mail settings with the accounts option highlighted
  4. Tap the name of your GVSU Exchange account
    iPhone mail accounts settings with the GVSU Exchange account highlighted
  5. Tap Delete Account
    GVSU exchange account screen with the delete account button hightlighted
  6. Tap Delete from my iPhone to confirm
    Delete mail account confirmation screen with delete button highlighted
  7. After the account deletes, you will be redirected to the Accounts page. Tap Add Account
    iPhone main mail settings screen with Add Account button highlighted
  8. Tap Microsoft Exchange
    Add mail account account type selection screen with the Microsoft Exchange option highlighted
  9. Enter your GVSU email address and a description for the account
    Add exchange account screen with the Email, Description and Next options highlighted
  10. You'll receive a pop-up asking you to Configure Manually or Sign In. Tap Sign In
    Pop-up screen asking users to sign in to their exchange account with the Sign In button highlighted
  11. You'll be redirected to an Office 365 login page. Enter your GVSU password and tap Sign In
    GVSU's office 365 sign in page with the password field highlighted
  12. The app will spend some time verifying settings
  13. Next, you'll see a preference page, where you can select the items you'd like to sync (Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes)
    Select the items you'd like to sync and tap Save
    iPhone add exchange account finalization screen showing the various option available to sync to the iphone and the option to save the account
  14. The account is now added. Please return to your app to use email.


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