Color Coding in Ultra Gradebook(Disabled)

When to Use?

The Blackboard Learn Ultra Gradebook has a feature that can enable grades to appear as color-coded pills. Depending on the instructor's discretion, the pills can be in a Letter grade, points, or a percentage. 

gradebook color codes

The grade pill for each assessment question and graded item may appear in colors or with dark backgrounds.


Over the summer we had a number of faculty raise concerns about having the colored icons with grades. Some around accessibility and others around the perceived meaning behind those colors. 

Unfortunately, there is no way to currently turn off these colors on a course-by-course basis so we had to turn it off university-wide. We are taking feedback throughout this semester to see if there are a greater number of people who would like it on but in the meantime, we hope that Blackboard will implement a "feature" to allow this to be toggled in each course individually.

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