Adding an Image to a Learning Module

When to Use?

The material provided in this article explains how to add a photo to a learning module. This will allow you to have more customization in the design of your courses.


You can add an image to an existing module or add one when creating the module.

1. To add an image to an existing learning module, select the 3-dot menu for the learning module. Then select Edit.

Module in Blackboard Ultra

Edit option from the 3-dot menu


2. When the edit layer opens, click the Add image option. 

3. Once you have selected an image, upload the JPEG or PNG file and click Next



4. Resize the image as you see fit and click Save



5. Provide alternative text to describe the image or mark the image as decorative.

Accessibility options for an image

6. Once you save the changes to the module, your new image will appear. 

For any additional information or assistance, reach out to your eLearning liaison

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