MathType Editor and Windows Character Map

When to Use?

You can use the MathType editor along with the built-in Windows Character Map to insert math functions in test questions.


1. Unable to add subscript or superscript to a test question answer.

When adding an answer to a Blackboard Ultra test question you can add a superscript or subscript by selecting the “MathType” icon in the text editor.

MathType icon in Blackboard Ultra text editor


On the General tab select the Superscript or Subscript icon.

Superscript icon in MathType general tab        Subscript icon in MathType general tab


Click into the boxes that display in the window. Enter a number into the large box and its associated number in the smaller box.

Insert text dialog box showing superscript      Insert text dialog box showing subscript


Click the Insert button. The number with associated superscript and/or subscript will display in the answer field.

Number with superscript as it appears in a test question answer box


Additional symbols can also be found on the remaining tabs in the MathType text editor.

Math symbols available from the MathType editor


Please refer to the “MathType for Blackboard” support site for more information.


2. Cannot insert some symbols into a test question answer.

The Windows operating system has a built-in “Character Map” that you can open to access a variety of symbols for copying. On your computer’s keyboard press the “Windows + R” shortcut to open the Run command box. Click the OK button.

Windows Run dialog box


In the Character Map pop-up window choose a character, click the “Select” button and the click “Copy.”

Character map dialog box in Windows


In your Blackboard test, click into an answer field and then paste the copied character.

Character pasted into answer field for test question


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