View the Gradebook in Three Different Layouts

When to Use?

Blackboard Ultra provides three different layouts when viewing the gradebook. 


Access the gradebook in the course.

To create a more intuitive navigation, Anthology replaced the grid and list view buttons with text links. The options are now:  

  • Gradable Items
  • Grades (grid view)
  • Students

The Gradebook will remember the last view you used in each course.

Image 1. Instructor view of the new gradebook navigation menu

Instructor view of the new gradebook navigation menu showing gradable items, grades, and students.


NOTE: reorganizing the gradebook can only be done in list view.  Drag and drop items in the list by looking for the up/down arrows on the right side of the listed item, which will appear when you point your mouse near the 3-dot menu.

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