Setup a OneNote Class Notebook

When to Use?

To take advantage of the automatic enrollment, the class notebook must be set up using the built-in Notebook option in the Content Market section of your Blackboard Ultra course. Class Notebook spaces that have been set up outside of Blackboard will require students to be added manually by the instructor.


1. Navigate to your course Content page, click the Add content icon and select Content Market.

Content Market option from the menu when adding content in an Ultra course.

2. Select OneNote Class Notebook (Ultra) by clicking its Add content icon.

OneNote Class Notebook option from the Content Market

3. A OneNote Class Notebook content item should now be visible on the course Content page. Click the 3-dot menu on the right side of the item and select Edit.

Edit option from the 3-dot menu for the OneNote Class Notebook content

4. Change the name of the Notebook to something appropriate. Check the box to Create gradebook entry for this item if desired and set the grading options.

5. Click Save when finished.

6. Select the OneNote Class Notebook link that you just created and click the Sign into OneNote button with your university email address and password. You will be prompted to use DUO to access your account.

Sign in to OneNote button link

7. Enter a name for your class and click Next. This will be the name of your class notebook.

What is the name of your class dialog box

8. Here is what will be included with your Notebook. Click the Next button.

Display of tools available for your class in Notebook

9. If you are co-teaching the course with another instructor, type or paste that instructor’s name (separate multiple instructor names using a semicolon) to add them to the class notebook. Click the Next button.

Alternative teacher option in OneNote.

10. Select the “Automatically add students from your LMS as they access this notebook” checkbox and click the Next button.

Dialog box for adding students' names

11. Choose and/or add the sections that will be added to each student’s private notebook and click the Next button.

Dialog box indicating the sections that were created in each student's private note, i.e., handouts, class notes, homework, etc.

12. Confirm the setup of your Teacher’s notebook and Student’s notebook using the visual preview. Use the Back button to make any changes and then click the Create button.

Confirm the setup dialog box.

14. To view your class notebook, click the link that you created on your course content page and select Open your Class Notebook.

Class notebook link in course content area of Blackboard Ultra.

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