Adding a Course Link

When to Use?

A Course Link is a shortcut to an existing area, tool, or item in a course. Course Links provide access to content without excessive scrolling and reduce clicking. This new feature allows instructors to:

  • Insert a link at the desired location on the Course Content page
  • Browse the elements of a course to select an item
  • Rename the link that will appear on the Course Content page
  • Move a link on the Course Content page independent of the target item
  • Allows adding an item already created to another place in the course.


1. Go to your course's Content tab and click the plus icon (+) to access content options.

2. From the content list, select Create.

Content menu showing the options including Create, Copy Content, Upload, Content Market, and Content Collection.

3. The Create Item layer opens. Click on Link.

Create Item layer showing course content item options: learning module, folder, document, link, teach tools with LTI connection, and SCORM package.

4. The New Link layer opens and from there, you can select the Create Course Link tab.

New Course Link Tool

5. Enter a keyword and/or select categories to locate the target content, for eg: Assessments to bring up a list of Assignments and Tests.

6. Click search to view the search results. Select the desired content item.

7. Course links inherit the description of their target item if one is included. You may edit the description and the Display Name as desired. 

Creating a New Course Link Using Search Criteria

8. Once the desired changes have been made, click Save.

9. The course link will appear within the course content and will be indicated by a link icon in the upper left corner of the item. Course Link in Module 1

10. Instructors can change the visibility and release conditions by editing the Course Link or the target content. A change made to one applies to the other. Instructors can use Batch Edit to modify linked items, but not associated Course Links.

Note: If you create a course link to a tool that isn't turned on, students who access the course link see a message that the tool isn't turned on. The same is true of a course link to a content item that you applied release criteria to.

See also: Blackboard: Link to Content and Tools

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