Due Dates in Blackboard

When to Use?

The Due Dates feature allows you to remind students about upcoming coursework. Any Due Dates that you set for coursework will appear on your and your student's Blackboard Calendar. Due Dates can be set for the following content items in Ultra courses:

  • Tests
  • Assignments
  • Discussions
  • Journals

These content items do not appear in Due Dates for Ultra courses:

  • LTI tools (3rd party)


By default, Due Dates for assignments and tests are pre-populated with the next day’s date but can be adjusted for any future time and date. To adjust the Due Date, click on the calendar or clock icon located in the date and time fields and adjust as needed.

Changing the date and time of a Due Date









For Discussions and Journals, the item needs to count for a grade for a Due Date to be assigned. Grading for the item can be enabled within the item’s settings.

Enabling journal for a grade


To remove a Due Date, navigate into the item’s settings, click in the date field, and backspace until the date has been deleted. Blackboard will automatically remove the time, too.

No Due Date entered


NOTE: Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the settings panel to save any new changes.

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