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Video for how to access Apporto Modular Cyber Labs
How to add the Apporto App Store link to your blackboard course shell.
A guide on how to utilize the GVSU JetBrains license which includes PyCharm Professional.
Using the Terminal or PuTTY on Windows, students in CIS333, 353, 360, 501, 660, 661, 673, 676, or 679 can use this guide to connect to the CIS Oracle Database.
Has it been a while since you connected to the School of Computing Linux Labs, or are you the mark in a man-in-the-middle attack? This guide can help.
Use the extended copy and paste menu to get around formatting errors that may occur when copying test to your remote session.
How to connect your personal device to the displays in DCIH505, and/or troubleshooting a seemingly unresponsive lab station.
This guide will get you more familiar with the GNOME desktop interface use in the School of Computing Linux Labs