Enable the Calculator on the Toolbar

When to Use?

A calculator is needed to take a test in Respondus Lockdown Browser.


  1. Navigate to the course in Blackboard.
  2. In the Details & Action menu select "Books & Tools".
  3. Click on Respondus Lockdown Browser Dashboard.
  4. Click the menu next to the name of the test and choose “Settings”.
  5. Click "Advanced Settings". Check the box for "Enable Calculator on the toolbar". Choose the Standard or Scientific Calculator.
  6. Click "Save + Close".
  7. Students can access the calculator by clicking the icon in the Lockdown Browser toolbar.

NOTE: For the calculator to appear, LockDown Browser needs to be able to connect to the Respondus server at "smc-service-cloud.respondus2.com". If the computer and/or network is blocking access to that server, the calculator icon will not appear in the LockDown Browser toolbar.

View Respondus Support page.

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