Managing Email on macOS

When to Use?

If you're suddenly unable to access your mail in Outlook on your Mac, or things aren't working quite as expected, you may want to try removing and re-adding your account to your mail app.

These steps will also be helpful if your mailbox has been moved from Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft 365 and your email account is not working correctly in Outlook on your Mac.

Removing and Re-adding GVSU Mail Accounts

If you are experiencing problems connecting to your GVSU Outlook email account in Outlook on your Mac, the quickest method to resolve any connectivity or syncing issues is to remove and re-add the account.

  1. With Outlook open, in the Toolbar go to Outlook > Preferences...
    macOS desktop opening Outlook Preferences
  2. In the Outlook Preferences window, click on Accounts
    Outlook for Mac Preferences Window
  3. Identify the account you want to remove and re-add
    (In this example we only use one account, but it's possible you may use multiple accounts.)
    If you've recently had your inbox migrated as part of our Microsoft 365 Migration, make note of whether your account shows up as Microsoft Exchange or Exchange/Office 365 Account. If your account still shows shows as Microsoft Exchange after a migration, removing and re-adding should force the account to switch over to Exchange/Office 365 Account.
    Outlook for Mac Account Preference Window showing an Exchange account
  4. With the account selected, click the minus (-) button in the lower left, and when prompted click Sign Out
    Outlook Account Preferences with an arrow pointing to the sign out button and prompting for confirmation of account removal
  5. To re-add the account, Click the plus (+) button in the lower left, or if all accounts have been removed the Add Email Account button on the right
    Outlook for Mac Accounts Preference window with arrow pointing to the plus icon to re-add account
  6. When prompted, enter in your GVSU email address and your password.
    Outlook for Mac prompting for sign in
  7. Your account should now be re-added.
    If you've recently had your inbox migrated as part of our Microsoft 365 Migration, verify that your account shows Exchange/Office 365 Account at the top of the Account settings page.

Other Known Issues

Exchange Online accounts have a new look.

Exchange Online accounts can use Focused Inbox.

Local mailbox folders are hidden.

Tasks and Notes open in web browser when using New Outlook.

The default signature could be absent from new emails after migrating to Exchange Online. Choose Preferences from the Outlook menu bar and then Signatures. Choose the default signature for New Message or Replies/Forwards.

Use Reset Microsoft 365 License in GVSU Software to resolve activation issues with symptoms like Outlook unable to connect, not sending email, unable to save documents, or continually prompting for credentials.


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