Instructor Live Proctoring with Respondus Lockdown Browser – Best Practices

When to Use?

When LockDown Browser is used with “Instructor Live Proctoring,” the instructor watches students remotely during an online test. Consider these “best practices” prior to implementing “Live Proctoring” in your course.


  • Instructor Live Proctoring can be used with the Windows, macOS, and Chromebook versions of Lockdown Browser. The iPad version of Lockdown Browser doesn’t directly support this option (the iPad assessment mode doesn’t allow multiple apps to run simultaneously), but similar results can be achieved if the student uses a second device.
  • GVSU recommends the use of Zoom. Note: Students must use the web browser version of Zoom to remain in the session after launching Lockdown Browser. Break-out rooms are not supported.
  • Instructor Live Proctoring is recommended for use with smaller classes of up to 25 students. There isn’t a technical limit on the number of students supported, but since the instructor must oversee the logistics of getting students logged into the video conference system, take attendance, watch students during the exam, and track whether students leave the video conferencing session, it may be difficult to manage larger class sizes.
  • Set up a practice test to help familiarize students with the procedures for connecting to the videoconferencing session and launching Lockdown Browser. This will help to minimize technical issues that may be encountered during a gradable exam. Provide students with an alternative method for contacting the instructor (telephone or text) if they do experience a problem.
  • Develop clear guidelines for addressing suspected suspicious behavior during a Live Proctoring session. Review this policy with your students and include it in your syllabus.
  • Respondus does not support the use of Instructor Live Proctoring and Monitor at the same time. If a recording is desired, be sure to choose Record to the Cloud , so that the video, audio, and chat text will all be recorded in the Zoom cloud.

NOTE: The gallery view recording can display a maximum of 25 participants, but must first be configured to "Record gallery view with shared screen" in your Zoom cloud recording settings.

For additional information view Respondus Support page.

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