The Bridge Project Types

When to Use?

Learn about the services the Bridge (formerly the Digital Studio) offers.


The Bridge can work with faculty, staff, and students to promote virtual learning through content creation, project development, and technology exploration.

Lightboard Video

The Lightboard is an innovative tool that allows instructors to write while still facing their students. Using high-tech interior glass lighting, presenters can utilize whiteboard markers to draw on a glass canvas, allowing faculty to create engaging visuals that will help drive home instruction. For more information, please visit this weblink.


Video Production

High-quality video production using cameras, lighting, and microphones is offered by the Bridge. We are able to record and edit informational and educational videos that can be published online for the world to see.
NOTE: The Bridge does not create promotional content, and does not provide support for recording video conferences or classroom lectures.


Video Editing

We can provide assistance for editing video or audio that you have captured with a personal device. This type of editing can include graphics and animations, combining videos, and much more.
NOTE: A Digital Media Developer is happy to help teach you how to edit in Panopto, but will not edit your Panopto videos for you.


Interactive Modules

The Bridge can create engaging interactive modules to enhance your course content. These interactive modules serve as enhanced PowerPoint slides, presenting important learning topics that include an elevated level of involvement for students as well as creative assessment practices. For examples of previous modules we have created, refer to our Past Projects page.



All three of our Bridge locations have the ability to record and edit podcasts. We can also create intro audio, and add music to your podcasts. 



If you have an idea for a project but are not sure what might be the best option, please schedule a consultation to talk about your idea with a Digital Media Developer. Additionally, we are happy to provide personalized training and support for any of the media creation technology that we utilize in our studio. 


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