Discussion Analysis

When to Use?

Discussion analysis provides an in-depth look at each student’s discussion participation. Critical thinking level and sentence complexity are reviewed. Performance-based insights show you which students may need help or are out of the normal range of participation. Follow the instructions or watch the video below to learn more.


From a discussion's Grades & Participation page, select a student’s name to view the student’s posts. The discussion analysis panel will display.

  • The data in the Discussion Analysis panel refreshes nightly.
  • You will only see data if the student has participated within the last four months.
  • Additionally, only instructors and graders see the discussion analysis panel.
  • This panel only appears for graded discussions.

As you grade a discussion, you can review:

  • Number of substantive posts
  • Sentence complexity
  • Lexical variation
  • Critical thinking level
  • Word variation

In addition to the calculated readability, the details include:

  • Average word count
  • Responses
  • Replies for each student compared to the class average

This information, along with any rubrics or criteria you set, can help you determine a grade.

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