Create an Offline Assignment with a Rubric in Blackboard

When to Use?

This article will walk you through how to create an offline assignment with a rubric in Blackboard Ultra.


1. Click the purple plus ( + ) icon and select Create from the drop-down menu.

Access the content menu by clicking on the purple plus, then clicking on Create

2. In the Create Item panel select Assignment.

Locate and Select Assignment from the list of Assessments

3. Name the Assignment.

Name the Assignment

4. Select the Assignment Settings icon.

Assignment Settings icon

5. In the Assignment Settings panel:

  • Delete the “Due date”

Delete the entries for the Due date

  • Click the check box to “Collect submissions offline”

Checkbox for "Collect submissions offline"

  • Select “Add grading rubric”

Add grading rubric

  • Click the check box to “Use rubric’s possible points” and select “Add”

Checkbox for "Use rubric's possible points"

  • Add a “Description” if applicable

Add a "Description" for the Assignment if applicable

6. Click “Save”.

Save the changes to the Assignment

7. The rubric is now ready for scoring in the Gradebook.

Offline Submission Assignment with a Grading Rubric


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