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This article explains how to use messages in both Original (Classic) and Ultra course views. The article pertains to both students and faculty.


When to Use?

You can access messages from both the Messages page and within each individual course or organization. We encourage our Blackboard community to read and understand the GVSU Email Policy to ensure any communication sent inside of Blackboard is in accordance with the policy.

Messages in Ultra Course

Replying to Messages

Note: Messages may not appear for all courses/organizations (particularly those with large enrollments).

Important: Update your notifications to receive messages.

Notification settings showing New messages enabled


Messages for all Courses

In the list where your name appears, select Messages.

You can send messages to each other, multiple people, or an entire class. Message activity remains inside the system (i.e. Blackboard).

This information also applies to organizations.

Messages link in Ultra Base Navigation

Don't miss any action. New messages appear in bold font.

Access messages across time. You can view messages for current, previous, and future courses. Use the arrows to navigate to another time period.


Messages in an Ultra Course

To send a new message, select the New Message (+) icon.

New message icon from the Messages page in Ultra Base Navigation. Click the plus sign to write a new message in the Ultra view course.

To write a new message, begin by typing in the Recipient box. Names begin to populate based on the typed text. Select the appropriate recipient(s) for the message.

Intuitive text pulls up possible recipients as you begin typing a name in the recipient box.


Type the message in the message box. Note the options to Send an email copy to recipients and Allow replies to this message. Make the appropriate selections. Click Send when finished.

New Message window showing the recipients box, message box, and send options.


Replying to Messages

replying to a message in an Ultra course.





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