Connect to CIS Oracle Database With DataGrip

When to Use?

There are a number of graphical user interfaces for database connections available, and many CIS courses use DataGrip by JetBrains for Oracle connections.

JetBrains applications are available on the CIS STRATUS environment, and students who wish to install JetBrains on their personal computer can receive a free educational license from JetBrains


Finding Data Grip in STRATUS

If you are unable to access DataGrip from a personal device or a different lab, you can run DataGrip in STRATUS.

  1. Connect to the CIS STRATUS environment (see How to Connect to a STRATUS Remote Desktop Session)
  2. DataGrip is located in the JetBrains folder on the Desktop
    CIS environment desktop in STRATUS with DataGrip folder highlighted

Adding the Oracle DataBase Connection and Connection Settings

  1. After opening DataGrip, accepting the terms and conditions and choosing feedback settings, Choose to start a New Project
    Welcome to DataGrip Window showing New Project Open and Get from VCS buttons
  2. Give the project whatever name you wish
  3. To add a new connection, click the Plus (+) icon, and choose Data Source > Oracle.
    DataGrip showing the new menu with DataSource and Oracle highlighted
  4. Use the following settings to connect to the CIS Oracle Database:
    • Name: (your choice)
    • Host:
    • Port: 1521 (default)
    • SID: orcl
    • Authentication: User & Password (default)
    • User: (your GVSU username)
    • Password: (your oracle database password. Does not sync with GVSU password)DataGrip oracle database connection with connection settings as set from the following text
  5. Make sure to download the missing driver files in your connection window. You'll be prompted to when connecting if you skip this step:

    DataGrip connection settings window with Download missing driver files highlighted
  6. Click Apply and OK

Successful Connection

If successful, you should see your connection in the left Database column:

DataGrip with our new connection in the left Database column


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