Setting Up McGraw Hill, Pearson, or GVSU Save in Blackboard (Classic)

When to Use?

Blackboard allows you to connect third-party applications to help assist you in teaching your course. These applications often include web-based assignments and assessments that assist students in connecting to their coursework for the semester. These instructions apply to McGraw Hill, Pearson, or GVSU Save and all other publisher content in Blackboard Classic Course View.


1. In your course, go to the content area where you want students to be able to access the publisher content.

2. Click the Build Content drop down, and search for the publisher content you want to add.

3. Depending on the tool you chose, you may be required to provide a name to the new link, and click Submit. This is the case with GVSU Save Course Materials.

4. In the case of McGraw Hill Connect, you will be redirected to the McGraw Hill pairing page where you can pair your course with Blackboard.

5. In the case of GVSU Save Course Materials, after you've named and created the link, you can click it and it will redirect you to the VitalSource website in a new tab.

NOTE: If you need further, in-depth information or training regarding setting up and configuring your McGraw Hill, Pearson or other publisher course products, please contact your sales representative. For questions on GVSU Save Course Materials, please get in touch with us at

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