Make Course Available to Students in Classic Course View

When to Use (or Why)?

Follow the steps to make a course available to students in Classic course view in Blackboard. 


Course sites in Blackboard Ultra Base Navigation have three states:

  • Private - Students can see private courses in their course lists, but they can't access them.  Default course state when courses are created.  Instructors must open courses for students to be able to open them and see course content.
  • Open - Students can access the course and whatever content has been made available in the course site. 
  • Complete -  Students can access the content, but they can't participate in the course any longer. For example, they can't reply to discussions or submit assignments.   This is only available for Ultra course view courses. 

To make a course open or available to students, follow one of these two options: 

Option 1: from the Courses navigation menu

  1. Click Courses from the Ultra Base Navigation bar.
  2. Click three dots to open the course's card menu:

Course navigation bar view of course list three dot menu option

course navigation bar showing Open Course option

  1. Click Open Course to make the course available to students.

Option 2: from the Course classic view menu

  1. Go to the course to be made available
  2. Go to the Control Panel
  3. Select Customization
  4. Select Properties

Course Management then Control Panel then Customization then Properties

  1. Scroll to Set Availability and select Yes next to "Make Course Available"

Set Availability Yes

  1. Click the Submit button


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