Accessing Course Tools in Blackboard Mobile App

When to Use?

If you are unable to access a content area (i.e., Discussion Boards, Journals, Wikis, etc.) in your Blackboard course using the Mobile App, there is an alternative way to access the content area(s) by going through Tools.


In your Blackboard course, your instructor may have content areas set up for Discussion Boards, Journals, and Wikis. When you enter the content areas while using the Blackboard Mobile App you may encounter the following errors:

ERROR: Are you connected? Please check your network connection.             ERROR: There seems to be an issue on our side. Please try again later.

If you are encountering either of these errors, follow the steps below for an alternative way to access the course content areas.


1. When entering a Classic View Blackboard Course using the Blackboard Mobile app, your view may be similar to the image below:

Classic View of Course in Blackboard Mobile App

2. To access the Tools area of the course, click on Course Content.

3. Once in your course's content area, scroll until you locate Tools.

Course Content Tools

4. After you click on Tools you will be taken to a “desktop” view of the area

Course Tools

5. You can scroll through the Tools area to locate the content item that you need (i.e., Discussion Boards, Journals, Wikis, etc.).

6. After clicking on the content item that you need you will be taken to the area in the same "desktop" view. From there you should be able to view and/or create your own post within the content area.

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