Student accesses incorrect Panopto assignment folder

When to Use?

Follow these instructions if you are facing errors such as students uploading into the wrong Panopto course Assignment folder, or having access to other sections videos and folders.


The issue: Students upload their video into the wrong course. Students can see other student's videos and other course's/section's videos.

The problem: When faculty are course copying from one section to another, Panopto is carrying over access to the old course folder and making it available to the new section of students. For instance, if I am teaching section 01 and section 02 of a course and I course copy section 01 to section 02. The students in section 02 now have access to the section 01 Panopto course folder.

The fix:

In the process of course copying from one section to another, Panopto folder access to the course you copied from may have been given to the students in the course you copied to. Follow these instructions to delete that access. You do need to be enrolled in the course as an instructor to do this.

1. Go into the Panopto folder inside and click on the SHARE button.

Course folder in Panopto


2. Find the user group that doesn’t match the section you’re in and click on the X (delete) button to the right of the group.

 Share settings for a video


3. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Save button within the Share settings


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